Data Impact Electronic Payment Solutions
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Properly executed, taking the payment cycle online makes it more secure than paper.

Paper payment documents pass through many hands in a largely untracked and uncontrolled process. There are numerous opportunities for theft of payment or personal information, as well as theft of the payment itself.

EIPP Plus changes the security equation in your favor. Payment data is always secure, encrypted, and fully tracked. Your sensitive account information remains in a tightly-controlled environment, with every step of the process fully monitored. There is no check in the mail. There is no paper to be stolen, duplicated, or otherwise misused.

EIPP Plus allows customers to make payments via ACH or credit card, keeping invoice and payment information in our secure data warehouse—not in the mailroom or postal system. You control every aspect of your information, from who can access what data, to what computer can be used for what function. Analytics and dashboards give you real-time readings, and allow you to monitor your transactions.

Receive payments faster and keep your business safe at the same time. That is business accelerated. That is EIPP Plus, only from Data Impact.