Data Impact Electronic Invoicing Solutions
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Discrepancies and disputes arise. What distinguishes many companies competitively is the way they handle those issues, and the cost of resolving each incident.

The EIPP Plus solution begins with customers finding their own answers. The majority of questions about billing simply require further documentation. Finding and providing that documentation can be made a self-service function with EIPP Plus. By placing supporting documents, such as proofs of delivery and freight invoices online and linking them to invoices, customers can readily see why certain charges are on their invoice. That’s often all they want to know when they contact your call center.

Disputes that are called in can be resolved in minutes, not days—keeping customers happy and saving you money. If there is a problem with a particular item on an invoice, customers can short-pay the correct items while the discrepancy is resolved.

That is business accelerated. That is Data Impact’s EIPP Plus.