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Businesses documents are usually on many media, from paper to microfilm to electronic. Accelerating business means making all those documents more accessible. EIPP Plus does that by taking your legacy or current documents in any quantity, converting them to digital documents, and placing them in an online repository.

The result is an integrated, secure, and unified digital document repository. Any document is now accessible at any time, from anywhere. Every access can be controlled, down to the document level, and access can generate a full audit trail.

With EIPP Plus, one or multiple documents related to an invoice can be linked to that invoice, providing single-click access to all supporting documentation.

This is business as it should be done. This is business, accelerated. This is EIPP Plus, from Data Impact.
With digital document you will:

  • Eliminate the cost of storing paper documents
  • Eliminate the risk of loss from deterioration, misfiling, or natural disaster
  • Make any document available simultaneously at multiple sites, worldwide
  • Reduce by orders of magnitude the cost of document retrieval
  • Instantly e-mail, fax, or print any document
  • Retrieve related or grouped documents instantly

Data Impact creates an integrated, unified digital document repository that combines documents from any source—paper, microfiche/microfilm, or electronic, all fully integrated with your online presentment and payment documents.

This is business as it should be done. This is business, accelerated.