Data Impact Electronic Invoicing Solutions
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No paper, no printing, no postage.
Online invoice presentment creates cost savings.

Paper costs money. Postage costs money. The resources for creating and mailing paper invoices cost money. With Data Impactís EIPP Plus, those costs (and delays) are eliminated.

Customers are automatically notified when a new invoice is posted. They can immediately view it, pay it, or schedule it for payment on any future date.

Statements can be linked to invoices, and invoices can be linked to any number of underlying documents such as proofs of delivery, freight receipts, or packing slips. That means customers can answer for themselves questions that are now tying up your accounting department and/or call center.

Online invoice presentment from Data Impact is part of your companyís commitment to a green agenda. It also provides better customer service at greatly reduced cost.

Online Invoice Presentment Benefits:

  • Accelerate cash flow through faster invoice/statement presentment
  • A "green", paperless business process
  • Entire transaction and invoice history available to customers for review at any time
  • Immediate links to all supporting documents for any transaction
  • Line-by-line dispute management
  • Reduced customer calls to your accounting department and call center
  • Eliminates the cost of printing and mailing invoices and statements
  • Completely automated follow-up notifications for unviewed invoices/statements
  • Enhanced control and security
  • Fully integrates with online paymentóget paid with a click, not a check