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Any form, any, any time.
Online digital document management enhances visibility and customer service.

In today’s business environment, documents must be simultaneously accessible to multiple people, at multiple sites regionally, nationally, and internationally. With EIPP Plus, you can create, store, and present any document online, any time.

Documents can originate as paper or electronic files, in a wide variety of formats. They can be digitized (where necessary), indexed, and made accessible while being fully protected in a highly secure environment.

Digital documents improve accessibility, reduce security risks, improve access control, eliminate the risk of document loss, and greatly reduce the expense of storing paper for archival purposes. Digitizing documents is also your best assurance of full and economical compliance with a wide variety of legal obligations for document retention and production in the event of a regulatory challenge, litigation, or compliance questions.

Online Document Management Benefits:

  • Once digitized, paper documents can be destroyed...eliminating storage cost
  • Improved risk management...critical documents are easily accessible
  • View simultaneously in geographically-dispersed offices
  • Retrieving a digital document is more cost-effective than a paper document
  • The risk of loss from deterioration, misfiling, theft, or natural disaster is eliminated
  • Greatly enhanced document security...track, limited and controlled access
  • Customer inquiries are addressed in a fraction of the time
  • With one click, any document can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed
  • Related documents can be easily identified and viewed