Data Impact Electronic Payment Solutions
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The reconciliation of paper payments is a costly and cumbersome process, and many “electronic” payment systems aren’t much better. They still require manual entry of the payment information, with all of its costs and mistakes.

That’s why companies are rapidly moving to an entirely electronic, hands-off solution. That means more than just taking electronic payments. It means creating a sophisticated business solution in which the laborious reconciliation process becomes fully automated.

That solution is EIPP Plus, which creates enormous savings, in time and money, while eliminating many of the errors that accompany manual processes.

With Data Impact’s EIPP Plus, the time-intensive process of reconciling your A/R files disappears. Data Impact sends a daily electronic A/R file that can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any accounting system. Every day, you know exactly how much was paid for specific items or services.

Receiving and reconciling payments faster and with greater accuracy—that is business accelerated. That is EIPP Plus, from Data Impact.