Data Impact Electronic Payment Solutions
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EIPP Plus gives CFOs, treasurers, and senior executives unprecedented see-ahead capability through online analytics tied to online presentment and payment.

Information about whatís due on what day, how customers have scheduled payments, what payments have been made, and many other variables can now be presented as part of an easy-to-read online dashboard. The information you see is up-to-the-second current. With EIPP Plus analytics, you donít wait until tomorrow to find out about todayís payments. You receive real-time information, because thatís what you need to be competitive in todayís business environment.

The EIPP Plus payment analytics dashboard enables you to manage corporate finances more quickly, more accurately, and more precisely than ever before.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Real-time cash flow forecasting
  • Detailed A/R analytics
  • Customizable reporting based on business need/area