Data Impact Electronic Invoicing Solutions
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Invoices, statements, credit applications, purchase orders, employment applications, HR forms. . .you need the information, but you donít need the paper. In fact, having it all on paper is no longer feasible, economical, or green.

And itís no longer necessary.

EIPP Plus offers your company the option of suppressing a substantial amount of the paper it now generates, saving you time and money while helping the environment. Online invoice presentment and payment is just the first step in what can become a comprehensive paper suppression strategy. You can substantially speed your business processes, while reducing the cost of processing and storing paper documents.

In situations where prior consent is needed due to regulatory or other legal mandates, we can obtain, maintain and document e-consents as part of your paper suppression plan.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Obtain and manage customer authorization to meet suppress paper compliance
  • Fully integrated into the document processing and archiving platform
  • Custom messages can be embedded to cross-sell, up-sell, or inform customers