Data Impact Electronic Payment Solutions
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Get paid with a click, not a check.
Online invoice payment accelerates the payment cycle.

Using EIPP Plus, you get your money as soon as your customer clicks “pay”.

Your customers log on to a secure area of your website, view their outstanding invoices or statements, access any supporting documents to answer questions they might have, then they pay with a click, not a check.

With that click, an electronic payment is credited directly to your corporate account, and your customer gets an immediate e-mail verification of payment. You receive a daily electronic reconciliation file that interfaces with virtually any A/R system.

Mistake-prone manual data entry is eliminated. There are no envelopes to open and no checks to process. You eliminate the most costly and error-ridden parts of the payment process, while accelerating cash flow by an average of four days.

Online Payment Benefits:

  • Get paid faster (reduce DSO)
  • State-of-the-art fraud prevention and security
  • Improved cash flow forecasting with visibility of future-dated payments
  • Hands-free accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Increased customer self-service options
  • Alternative payment options for your customers
  • Robust analytics will run standard reports to custom, field-specific inquiries
  • Reduced claims and exceptions
  • Online credit applications, to further reduce workload and expense